The Journey Has Just Begun

Incredible hours in Heraklion /Crete – Greece

We located at the shore of the port of this beautiful island. We were walking towards the city, and in one moment we felt strong tobacco smell, we looked to the right sight of the road, and we found out a betting house! A young man was betting on more than 15 matches around the world simultaneously. We introduced ourselves, and he asked us where we came. He didn’t hesitate to ask me about TIGRE – BROWN (Argentina Cup) – without even knowing about it but with the face of knowing everything. I told him – “TIGER! I hope you do not hate me” and – “sorry Brown!” – Disrespect them without knowing!

Ajjajajaja arrived at the park, and it was a lot of cement, skateboards, benches but only single soccer ball ⚽! One Afganistan boy brought it to me closer, and we ended up playing football with him! I told him about PTA, and we experienced about 20 minutes of the project! The experience was very positive. It wasn’t the first time when I played football with boys between 12 and 17 years old who can do “the round the world” (Neymar and Ronaldo freestyles). I did it 3 or 4 times in a row but passing the ball and at the same time turned it out to the big problem of how to control the ball, he quickly found a bench, a perfect goal to play the fronton. With the backpacks we made two arches, through the minutes ran we were acquiring other rules to our game to return to this more dynamic! Thanks @ PTA. Football ⚽🇬🇷 Let’s go for more!

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