Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 6.27.02 pm BANGOR CITY TEAM UP WITH PTA CHALLENGES

Citizens team up with PTA to provide fun and engaging drills for out Youth Development Centre players.

Over the past week, you would have noticed us repeatedly mention the PTA Challenge, along with clips of our Youth Coaches and their players partaking in various drills, from dribbling and passing to juggling the ball. PTA Challenge is one of many programmes and initiatives organised by Playmakers Trainers, headed by Marcos Flores. The Challenges have provided a unique and fun way for our Youth Development Centre players to stay active and involved with football, whilst the nation undergoes lockdown.

Having teamed up with Marcos Flores, professional Argentine footballer and captain of Adelaide City, they offer ‘a unique way of teaching that allows players to develop their skills in their own time, and encourages players with little or no experience to have fun and learn the game!’. Through our Captain and Youth Co-Ordinator Hugo Colace, we were introduced to the amazing work of PTA and Flores. In the past week, we have linked up with them to provide our Youth Centre players various PTA football drills to ensure they stay fit and active, as well as happy, through these difficult times. The PTA philosophy is clear and simple, ‘to focus on development and enjoyment through football’, something in which we agree with entirely, making collaborating with them an easy decision to make.

So far, we have had countless videos of our young players tackling these challenges, whilst also ensuring they stay active during the break from football, it was also great to see the smiles these challenges provided. As well as encouraging development and keeping fit and active, the programme also provides a fun escape for the Youth Development players, something which we are very grateful for.

Alongside Marcos Flores and the PTA group, our Youth Centre coaches have done a superb job in presenting the challenges to the various age groups in our Development Centre, providing short clips demonstrating how to carry out these challenges as well as encouraging them to join in and praising their efforts across social media.

Having linked up with Flores and the PTA group, bringing the challenges to Bangor City, Youth Co-Ordinator Hugo Colace has carried on his tremendous work he does at the Centre. Despite only arriving at the club in January, Colace has already made a positive impact at Nantporth, on and off the pitch.

Lastly, we would like to thank all of those who have taken part in the daily challenges, the parents who filmed them along with the Youth coaches and PTA for their outstanding efforts to ensure our Youth Development players stay active and have an outlet of fun during this difficult times.



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