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Get PRO while having fun

Playmakers Trainers  has teamed up with Marcos Flores to establish a pathway for children who want to learn and play the game of football. We have formed a unique way of teaching that allows players to develop their skills in their own time, and encourages players with little or no experience to have fun and learn the game! Our philosophy is to focus on development and enjoyment through football. We believe that player success is measured based on the four pillars of growth. These pillars are their technical/tactical, psychological and social skills. Marcos can manage and keep a large group of players focus and motivated with our PTA football drills. These drills adapt to every single level, ages and numbers of kids. We believe that we can use our imagination to adjust the facilities and tools.


This PTA program provides  a lot of fun,  with a variety of enjoyable drills for the newer players of the game.
The aim is to learn while having fun and enable each player to progress at their own pace.
This PTA Program is aimed at children aged  3 – 6 years.

Session length: 1 hour

Session times: Listed below.
Session days: Monday/Wednesday/Friday
📍locations: Glenelg Jetty Park and The Parade  Park.
Cost: $20
Book in to as many sessions as you wish.

Monday/ Friday (Glenelg Jetty Park)
⏰8-9am  /9-10am /10-11am 
Wednesday (The Parade Park)
⏰ 8-9am  / 9-10am / 10-11am
The PTA ”The Little One” program is  run by Marcos Flores and guest coaches with impressive :
* Ability to work with and engage young  players
*Enthusiastic personalities with passion for teaching.
What to bring:
Each child needs their own soccer ball.
Willingness to learn and have fun!


These sessions are aimed at players with little or no football experience to be active, have fun and learn the game of football.
A willingness to learn and have fun is all that is required and each player will be encouraged to progress at their own pace.
Marcos Flores beliefs are that is possible to teach deeper than just football ⚽  so he engages the children  to work whilst having fun  learning about  countries, numbers, colours, etc through a variety of enjoyable soccer drills
Marcos would like to coach this group of players  the entire year with the aim to build up step by step to be able to then participate in friendly matches and tournaments as the ”PTA Football FC” Team

Affordable prices divided into 4 terms of 8 sessions

* 1session =   $30
* 6 sessions= $150 (includes videos)

Ages: 6 to 12 years
Session days:
Monday / Tuesday /Thursday
⏰ 4-5pm

Location: The Parade Park
What to bring:    Ball / Drink bottle  / Willingness to learn and have fun



These 1 hour sessions are aimed at players who have some football experience and wish to further develop their game in a fun and challenging environment in small groups where both players and coaches encourage players to extend their current football knowledge and skills.
Marcos Flores and his associate coaches mentor the players  encouraging them  to challenge themselves and their own performance joining our  worldwide PTA Football Network.

A passion to push beyond limits and a strong drive to progress and learn is what is required of players in this program.

Affordable prices divided into 4 terms of 8 sessions
* 1session= $50
* 6 session= $250
* 8 sessions (one term)= $300 (includes videos)

Ages: 10 to 16 years
Session Days: Wednesday and Friday
⏰ 4pm-5pm
📍 The Parade Park
What to bring:   Drink Bottle
Willingness to learn, have fun and challenge limts

public speaking/ mentoring clubs

A motivational speaker (sometimes called an inspirational speaker) is a speaker who offers talks that inspire audiences. Their words are often powerful and their talks impactful, regardless of whether they are attempting to challenge, transform or convince the audience. These talks are intended to fire the audience up and get them to take action.

Marcos has a powerful message and presentation to suit the needs of your school/community/company.