About Us

3 Years In Action

Our philosophy focuses on the small details of life that are reflected on chasing your dreams with a ball on the green grass. This is sport.

In our journey we seek to learn the nuances and values that the cultures of the world have to be able to transmit to our players without limits and in the most profound and unique way.

Our vision is to feel and transmit emotions. We dream to help communities through football. We want to accompany our players along the path of transforming themselves into great people to exploit the qualities that make an elite athlete evolve to their maximum potential.

Understanding that a good person knows how to listen, tolerate, help, love and respect peers, is important to understand and provide support to teammates. Learn to listen to the coach and become a team player loving their shirt and their team unconditionally.

Because we believe that “a group of people or players who love and respect each other become invincible, and if the defeat reaches them, it is better to share a defeat with friends than victory with strangers”

About Marcos Flores

With over 16 years experience in professional football, starting from his first club in Argentina, Marcos Flores has had success wherever he has applied his trade. Johnny Warren medallist in 2011 (the A League equivalent to the AFL Brownlow medal), MVP of Australian A-League, Adelaide United Team of the decade, playing at 12 professional clubs around the world, he has great knowledge of the game and strong passion for coaching and educating. 

Born in Argentina in 1985, during the rise of rock national and the rebirth of democracy, Marcos Abel Flores Bernard threw into the world with a ball at his feet. There was only one thing Marcos was going to be, and that was a professional footballer. Marcos learnt the art of football on the streets just like so many stars has in South America. He blessed with coaches that nurtured the playmaker’s ability to “make” football. His father taught little Marcos the most important part, to love and respect the game, his opponents and referees. Despite Marcos’ extraordinary skills with the ball at his feet and using his talent to unlock structured and robust defences, his father made the young Marcos shake the hands of the defender he “gutted” after the game. His father coached him the humility to be not only a professional athlete but primarily a right person! From this foundation, Marcos Flores grew to be the essential international footballer, creating fans, friends and respect wherever he went but also after he left. His love for the game as well as his pinpoint assists and goals has built a following of Marcos Flores the man as much as the footballer. Starting his career in Argentina, Marcos played youth football for Union de Santa Fe between 2001 and 2003. He began his professional career in Union de Santa Fe then Newell’s Old Boys and he also played in Curico Unido.

His playmaking skills drew attention from overseas and signed by Adelaide United in Australia. After a fantastic season he was given the most prestigious award a footballer can receive The Johnny Warren Medal. Marcos is so proud about this achievement and has not taken lightly, utilising to become an ambassador for football all around the world just like the late Johnny Warren would have wished. From this season in Adelaide, Marcos the natural number 10 playmaker signed by Chinese team Henan Jianye and Australian A-League teams Melbourne Victory, then Central Coast Mariners and Newcastle Jets. Marcos was asked to play and help develop football in the United States where he was signed by up and coming to Jacksonville Armada. He then returned to Curico Unido in Chile, and from there he played for Persib Bandung in Indonesia. After a memorable season, the attacking midfielder signed by Indonesian giants Bali United. Now in 2019 Marcos Flores is current Adelaide City FC player and captain. Through Playmakers Trainers methods Marcos delivers a range of school programs that engage students in more than just football. Our positive educational drills have a strong focus on multicultural values, providing new opportunities to learn in a safe, fun and interactive environment.